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Posted: 4/20/2015

Many have said we are in a mobile-first world, but it may be more accurate to call it a cloud-first world. After all, it's the cloud that powers that consistency of experience that users so …

Posted: 4/18/2015

Another week has come and gone-and in addition to some pleasant spring weather here in the Northeast-we've seen several big headlines for Lync Migration. It's time for the week in review!

Posted: 4/17/2015

Last year, Microsoft started translating voice calls through Skype. The Skype Translator began a preview program in the middle of December 2014, with the original test included translations …

Posted: 4/17/2015

The hosted service provider Intility has announced that it has integrated Voxbone's virtual local phone numbers into its hosted Lync service.

Posted: 4/17/2015

It's a strange notion, being a company that wants to "take Android away from Google," but that's just the kind of thing that Cyanogen seems to be pretty interested in doing of late. New repo…

Posted: 4/13/2015

Global payment services provider Western Union recently announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to allow Skype users to refill their accounts at thousands of Western Union locations t…

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