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Posted: 8/27/2016

On the topic of making adjustments for Skype for Business, Sennheiser headsets are newly designed to make SfB communications better. It's no secret that clear audio is essential to effective…

Posted: 8/25/2016

The process of migrating to the cloud has many complications, and if the right solution is not chosen, organizations can face technical glitches that make accessing the data they want more d…

Posted: 8/23/2016

Communications is key. This is true for most businesses - whether they deal with clients, customers or with staff. The need to have efficient, effective communications can make or break succ…

Posted: 8/22/2016

Cisco recently announced the launch of Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), a conferencing solution designed to work with numerous communication platforms, especially Skype for Business (SfB). Assumi…

Posted: 8/22/2016

Increasing network capacity allows service providers to offer more solutions and make it available as needed without delays. This is an important point, because individuals as well as organi…

Posted: 8/20/2016

There's a lot of exciting news to be found on the Lync Migration site this week. This week was all about coming together - whether you're interested in learning about integrations or new app…

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